Saturday, July 15, 2017

Now Playing TLC 'Way Back' Music Video - Plus Get The Download

TLC 'Way Back' is another hot song off their 'Haters' album that's pumping in the rides nationwide.
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Now Playing 'Way Back' Music Video
 Released 6/06/2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dmx Allegedly Arrested On Tax Fraud In New York

Hip Hop Rap Artist Dmx (Earl Simmons) is going through another arrested in New York as he was allegedly arrested on tax fraud in reportedly being 1.7 million in taxes. According to news sources he owes taxes from several songs in which taxes weren't paid. Some are saying to avoid paying tax he put his accounts in others name which could have been gifts or investments. This matter could also have been overlooked during paper work. 

Many artists have others handle their affairs and Dmx may be the type who will give to others with no problem, but be the one suffering for it in the end. 

We only hope that those he's helped would come through for him now.

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