Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Miguel - NWA (Nigga With Attitude) OG Ft. Kurupt

Miguel - NWA Ft. Kurupt Music Video
Miguel NWA music video on

 In this 80s vibe type of video, Miguel plays an "OG" NWA (Nigga With Attitude) and a "Nigga Who Asks For Nothing" type of brotha. He even got that dip-dap walk down-packed!
A cool music video that will take you on a quick stroll through the neighborhood, no car needed when it's just doors away! 

The timing for this video to be released comes at a coincidentally time, considering that the original NWA (Niggaz With Attitudes) saying started from: Dr. Dre, Eazy E, and Ice Cube who will be releasing the movie "Straight Out Of Compton" on August 14 in theaters. However, it doesn't appear that Miguel's NWA song will be on the Compton movie soundtrack. 

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Miguel NWA song featuring Kurupt is off his WildHeart album

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dead At 22

Photo Of Bobbi Kristina Brown - Dead At 22
Bobby Kristina Brown Dead At The Age 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown - the daughter of the late Grammy Award Singer/Actor Whitney Houston and Father Singer/Actor Bobbi Brown, has died after months on life support with no change in condition from being found by her fiance (rumored husband) Nick Gordon in her Atlanta home back in Jan 2015. 
Kristina brown was found submerged underwater in her bathtub; similar to how her mother "Whitney Houston" was found dead back in 2012 from a drug overdose.  After Paramedics was unable to revive Kristina, she was placed on life support and remained in critical condition. After many months of no change in condition, sources say the family made the decision to stop all meds and support. She was then transferred to hospice July 24th where she passed away today 7/26/2015. 

While we may never know for certain what caused Bobbi Kristina's death, like her mother she also had a battle with drug addiction. Her father "Bobbi Brown" was by her side through all her battles with drugs, life, and illness.  

Bobbi Kristina was making her mark in the acting world by appearing in Tyler Perry shows along with her family reality TV specials before her death. 
Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston
Rest In Peace 
May God Be With The Houston and Brown Family

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wild 'N Out Star "Nick Cannon" Hospitalized And Shares Photo From Hospital Bed

Nick Cannon Hospitalized and Shares A Photo From Hospital Bed
Nick Cannon Hospitalized -

After being diagnosed with Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disease years ago, Wild 'N Out star "Nick Cannon" has been hospitalized for kidney failure and blood clots in his lungs since his illness. 

Cannon has been under a lot of stress and working hard which is not good on his condition. With the recent separation from his wife Mariah Carey which whom he served divorce papers to and the taping of his tv show along with appearances, it's enough to wear him down. 

Nick Cannon posted a photo from his hospital bed along with this message on his instagram saying:
Don't worry Temporary pit stop... Sometimes I can be a little too bull headed and stubborn. I gotta stop running my body to the ground. I be wanting to grind nonstop but the engine can't run on fumes. On the low though, I really think I'm a super hero... Now i'm not saying I'm Batman, but I am saying nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.
LOL #ImGood 

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