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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eminem Ft. Sia - Guts Over Fear - Music Video

Eminem "Guts Over Fear" music video
A scene from Eminem "Guts Over Fear" music video
Eminem took it to the streets with "Guts Over Fear" lyrics playing around the corners in this music video. He reminisces about making it to the industry and he says, although he's rapped about this many times before, he's just grateful to have made it so far. So in the hopes of reaching out to others who may have doubts, Eminem found another way to share his story through this song.  
He also says, he's afraid of what to do next when the "lights go out" because this is all he knows. 

"In this Song Eminem grabs your heart and Sia brings it home".

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Music Video: Elle Varner "Don't Wanna Dance" Feat. A$AP Ferg

That time when your girls take you out to a party to forget about a man who's "playing you" and you really just wanted to stay home; You end up running into him anyways and with another woman! Elle Varner captures that moment in this music video "Don't Wanna Dance" Ft. A$AP Ferg.
2014 RCA Records
Elle Varner "Don't Wanna Dance" music video ft. A$AP Ferg
A scene from the Elle Varner "Don't Wanna Dance" music video

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Remix Video: August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj "No Love" - Don't Come Looking

"No Love" - With a chick on the side whose to know they're the one he's in love with, but the main one thinks there is still a chance for true love. August Alsina portrays a man who's involved with 2 women and can't seem to decide which one to give his heart to.  Along with Alsina's outstanding vocals in this song, Nicki Minaj contributes with a talented ballad and rap mixture.
August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj "No Love" Music Video
August Alsina and Nicki Minaj scene from the "No Love" video

Ciara Looking Fab In The New Nike AF1 RT Boots and Givenchy At The Shoe Launch Party

As Ciara "shmoney" on the dance floor at the nike shoe launch party in Madrid with Riccardo Tisci, you couldn't help but notice the Nike and Givenchy fashion hookup the talented and cute artist wore. In being the first to show off the New Nike AF1 RT boots, "Ciara sure wears it well and it makes you want to be the first in line to grab a pair as soon as they hit the shelves!"
Ciara and Riccardo Tisci at the Nike shoe launch party
Ciara and Riccardo Tisci funny party photo
"Looking fabulous as always", Ciara takes time to model the Nike AF1 RT boots with a Nike RT shirt and Givenchy skirt.  
Ciara Wears The New Nike AF1 Rt Boots and Givenchy Fashion Ciara New Nike AF1 RT and Givenchy Fashion Photo

Ciara also shares a picture in this Givenchy dress - "A fashion must-have!"
Ciara Givenchy Fashion Photo
Ciara Models A Givenchy Dress In Madrid

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Music Video: Luke James - Exit Wounds - When Someone Plays With Your Heart

Luke James "Exit Wounds" music video
Great video performance by Luke James
Luke James takes you through the emotions one could feel when their heart has been played with. He did an outstanding job in delivering the feelings that comes from a broken heart and the coldness you can deliver when the one you thought loved you, just simple left you with "Exit Wounds". Makes you feel like you want to hurt their feelings back, even if it's through passionate sex and then the cold shoulder. 
A rose can mean a lot of things, watch this music video and see what they are.
Editorial by, M. Fitch 

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