Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Full Episode

Happy Thanksgiving
Love To All and Enjoy!
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Full Episode

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving -1973 Full Episode

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beyonce 7/11 Video - New Club Music

Beyonce 7-11 Music Video
 A scene from Beyonce 7/11 music video on
Blasting this new Beyonce 7/11 club track! 
In this "vid", Beyonce is letting lose with her friends in the hotel and having a little girl fun, along with other random care-free clips.
This new song is most definitely a party/club music hit!

  Beyonce 7/11 Track on the "Beyonce" Platinum Edition album. 
Columbia Records, A Division Of Sony Music Entertainment
Platinum Box Set includes: 2 New Tracks, 4 New Remixes, 10 Live Performances, 2015 Mini Calendar, 2 Photo (as available)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bow Wow Has Confirmed The Wedding Date To Be Married To Erica Mena

To all the single ladies around the world Mr. Shad Moss has set the date to be married to Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Mena. 
Bow Wow Has Confirmed The Wedding Date To Be Married To Erica Mena
Bow Wow confirms wedding date to be married to Erica Mena along with a released social media statement on
Since becoming engaged after six months of dating, the couple has decided that was enough to prove their love for one another. Bow Wow has been screaming to the world through his social media how in love he is with Ms. Mena and that it's been a fun and loving relationship between the two. 
Many photos and videos of the couple's romance has been shared on Bow Wow's Facebook  page. 
Today Mr. Shad Moss has confirmed that the wedding is set for April. 
Shad Moss (Bow Wow) has released a statement saying,
" Date is set... I'm getting married in April! My pimp card has expired!! And I couldn't be any happier."

These two make a beautiful couple and wishes them all the luck in the world. We look forward to the future of a little Shad ( Bow Wow)  running around!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Images From Solange Knowles and Alen Ferguson Twist On A Natural Wedding

This weekend Solange Knowles married a star award winning music video director "Alen Ferguson". 
The couple's wedding was full of natural surroundings with fashion scenes of crisp cream and white colors.
Solange's wedding fashion was a one-piece cream jumpsuit with a versatile cape that reversed into a party outfit with just a flip and a snap.  The cape went from a flowy shawl by day into a ruffled flowy cape by night by turning the cape upside down and snapping around the neck. Alan Ferguson wore a tailed white suit with black and gold tip shoes. 
The couple made their first appearance from a balcony of a ruff natural grained building that featured french doors and natural ungroomed leafy flower pots.  When time to leave for the church, Solange and Alen's bicycle ride was one of the highlights of the day.

Jay Z and Beyonce also adorned the scene in cream and white

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