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Sunday, November 9, 2014

DJ. Envy Presents - Follow The Flow - Ft. B.O.B, Jake Lambo, Denzil Porter, Cash Sinatra

Follow The Flow - Creative Freestyle Rap Music Video
A clip from the music video "Follow The Flow"- Creative Freestyle Rap on www.1starcutie.com 
"Follow The Flow" is a new series Presented by DJ. Envy. This episode features B.O.B, Jake Lambo, Denzil Porter & Cash Sinatra. 
Getting back to where rap started from:"New York", "where if you can make it there you can make it anywhere"! 
This "creative freestyle rap" take me back to the days when rap told a story hip hop communities could relate to. If you had talent you could grab the attention of an audience with a clean but raw (tell it like it is) mentality, something your grandparent could even vibe or relate to. 
The "flow" in this video taps into the mind and will have you reminisce on how rap was and should still be.
"Follow The Flow" 
"Being more consistent and all that"!



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