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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Amber Rose Women Equality Movement Called "Slut Walk" And Hookah Beach Photos

Amber Rose "Slut Walk" Women Equality Movement and Instagram Hookah and Beach Photos
After sharing her sexy hookah and beach photos to her Instagram, Amber Rose posts details about her women equality movement called "Slut Walk". Some fans doesn't take to kindly to the movement. www.1starcutie.com

Amber says her Slut Walk will be about every women equality - Issues that women deal with everyday. Rose is asking women for their help to make this moving a success by  making signs for the issues that they are passionate about.

Some of Amber Rose viewers are taking the movement as a joke and some are even saying that the name alone is a problem.

She then proceeds to post this response: "Ladies... For those of u who don't understand my sarcastic posts u will this Summer when I have my own #AmberRoseSlutWalk :-)"

Amber Rose Shares Her Sexy Beach Photos

Amber Rose Stars A Women Equality Movement Called "Slut Walk" After Sharing Her Hookah Beach Photos



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